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Votum Swiss Mechanical Watches | A Collection Revival


We are all familiar with the amazing quality that Swiss watches have to offer. Now, thanks to François Zahnd and Rolf Bodmer, a revival of Votum Swiss Mechanical Watches is taking place on Kickstarter. Pre-order on Kickstarter here. Built around three essential principles, Votum has a style and class of its own. Those principles are minimalist …

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GENESIS X1-A | By LIV – Swiss Watches

from $439|

Every man who wants to be taken seriously needs to have a quality wristwatch. The GENESIS X1-A is a completely new high-quality Swiss watch created by LIV. And you know what it means to have a Swiss watch. It means superior craftsmanship, unrivaled quality, and ultimate precision. This watch is carefully crafted with a lot …

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