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Woodman’s Pal | Premium Military Axe Multi-tool


If you have ever been through a trek in the woods, you know how essential it is to have something to clear your way with. Of course, not just any old thing would do. You’re going to need something that is strong, durable, and has the ability to hack and slash even the densest brush. …

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Timahawk | Multitool Survival Axe


We all know that if there is one necessity that you absolutely need for camping or in your bug out bag, it’s an axe. Be it that you are simply going on a camping trip, or that you simply need a decent axe for these winter months, we have just what you need. It’s not …

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Ontario SP8 | 10-Inch Survival Machete


When going on a camping trip, or a bush trek, one needs something that cuts away at anything from foliage. However, it also needs to transform into a weapon, if the need be. Something like this should also be a part of your survival kit. A cutting tool is essential. Thankfully for us, the Ontario …

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Woodsman’s Pal | From Garrett Wade


First words that come to mind when you take Woodman’s Pal in your hand are: this is made to be used. It represents a combination of a machete and an axe, perfect for trimming and clearing bushes or cutting entangled vines. It will provide a feeling that you have a mighty multi-tool attached to your body. …

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UCO Torch Lighter | Essential Gear For The Survivalist


If there is one tool that needs to be in your survival pack and camping gear, it’s a decent lighter. Well, there is really no lighter like a torch lighter, and with the UCO Torch Lighter, you’ll never be left in the dark. Stormproof and windproof, the UCO Torch Lighter will never let you down! …

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NEW! goTenna Mesh | Off-Grid Community Powered Cellular Communication Device


No Service? No Problem! Now you can create your own network and stay connected with others no matter where you roam. Introducing goTenna Mesh! – the world’s first completely off-grid, mobile, consumer ready mesh network. Pre-order from Kickstarter here. Whether you’re traveling overseas, spending time outdoors, attending a crowded event, or preparing for an emergency, …

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Smittybilt Foldable Shovel | Recovery Utility Tool For Cutting And Digging


Smittybilt Foldable Shovel is a military inspired Recovery Utility Tool (RUT). On the one hand, this compact shovel is very practical and on the other, rugged enough for the toughest jobs. First things first, let’s start with the edges. With two serrated edges, you can use it both for cutting and digging. The blade is made …

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Survivor HK-753 | 3 Survival Knives With Firestarter


If there is one tool that you definitely need to survive in the wild, it’s a proper blade, or set, as the case may be. Luckily for us, the Survivor 3-Piece Knife Set is exactly what we need. Be it a camping trip, a hunting trip, or a roam through the jungle, you’re going to …

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Readyman | Medic Survival Card EDC


Readyman, is just what the name suggests, it makes a man ready! These products are designed by Special Forces Veterans to essentially save your life in the direst of circumstances. From fishing gear, to pocket stoves, Readyman has it all and we’re sure that you’ll appreciate their Readyman Medic Survival Card. If you decide to …

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Montie Gear | Gloveshot Slingshot With Support


A slingshot is one of the weapons that doesn’t get the recognition that it deserves. It’s powerful, silent, can shoot a fair distance and you always have unlimited ammo laying around. In fact, the slingshot is such an effective weapon that the South African Special Forces, the “Recces” occasionally only used them with ball-bearings and …

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