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Angel’s Share Luxury Superyacht | By Wally Yachts


There are few things that personify luxury, wealth, and class. Among some fantastic super cars, there will always be a superyacht in the wealthy man’s collection of toys. As far as luxury superyachts go, the Angel’s Share Superyacht is definitely up there in design and elegance. Created by the Monaco-based Wally Yachts the Angel’s Share …

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Regina Sailing Yacht


James Bond is someone that we all identify with taste, class, finesse, and style. Well, it’s no surprise that 007 himself, has been filmed quite a few times on yachts. That would be, because yachts are the epitome of stylish oceanic craft. The Regina Sailing Yacht, that we are featuring here, was actually featured in …

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Red Square, the latest superyacht by Dunya Yachts was launched on 2 February 2013 in Turkey. Their aim was to create something that will make the esteemed company proud, so they teamed up with the best of the best – including Sterling Scott and Alberto Pinto and world’s best material and equipment suppliers – and …

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Adastra Superyacht is a £15 million yacht, designed by John Shuttleworth that was launched on the 11th of April 2012 after 5 years of planning, designing and building. It got a “Most Innovative Design” award at the 2013 World Superyacht Awards. The designer decided to make it trimaran-shaped, so the yacht has multiple hulls, the …

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