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A Guide To Summer Boat Shoes

Whether you’re chilling on the deck or rocking a summer outfit, boat styled shoes are a wardrobe necessity. They are known as an American tradition and are associated mostly with sailors. After the 70’s,  they became widely popular among coastal areas and were made both for males and females. In fact, they were first designed in 1935 in Connecticut …

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Leave Your Socks At Home | Comfy Summer Shoes And Slip-ons

When considering buying new shoes, you must have a checklist. No matter if you’re getting winter or summer shoes, some key features are the same. You should always look for footwear made from high-quality materials, designed to provide you not only comfort, but flexibility, breathability, and style. Today’s list is all about summer. We wanted to …

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Mohinders | Super Comfy And Durable Leather Slippers


Leather footwear has always been a classic; it shows a refined style in both taste and class like the City Slippers by Mohinders which are hand-crafted from leather and made to last. They are changing the way that we see summer slippers around the globe and updating our wardrobes. With the idea of every-day wear, these City …

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