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7 Reasons to Study Marine Biology

If you are fascinated with the mysteries and the beings that lay below the ocean’s surface then you could make a career in Marine Biology. You might find huge fulfillment in this diverse and captivating field. Marine Biology offers a plethora of opportunities for research, exploration, and conservation of marine life. We’re going to dive …

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Ortega Submersibles | 2 & 3 Seater Submarine

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Everybody that has ever been boating can tell you one thing, it is utterly liberating. However, boats are somewhat limited in their capabilities. That limit being, they generally tend to stay above water. Well, to overcome that limitation, a Netherlands based company, Ortega, has stepped outside the box and brought us the Ortega Submersibles. Ortega …

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GoPro cameras are one of the most useful tools for creating awesome underwater footage on its own, but when coupled with other devices, the GoPro turns into something completely different. TTRobotix, a company which manufactures drones and other remote controlled vehicles, have decided to make a ROV (remotely operated underwater vehicle) called TTR-SB Seawolf, which utilizes …

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