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Art Collective Boa Mistura Transforms Sao Paulo Favelas

Back in 2012, art and design collective called Boa Mistura started transforming the streets of Sao Paulo, Brasil. The name of the project is ‘Luz nas vielas’ and the idea was to connect the residents and create paintings in alleys throughout the city. The paintings are anamorphic, meaning that when viewed from a specific angle, they …

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Rainbow Stairs in Istanbul by Huseyin Cetinel

The civil activism in Turkey is taking on a new, artistically colourful dimension. Although, street demonstrations are still very much “the weapon of choice” in this Islamic country (remember the recent protests against the development project at historical Gezi Park in Istanbul), a 64-year-old retired engineer from Turkey by the name of Huseyin Cetinel inadvertently …

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‘It’s Good To be Here’ by Candy Chang

Remember Candy Chang’s „Before I die, I want to __________“ interactive wall mural that she made as a tribute to a loved one she lost, and which we featured not so long ago on our website? Candy is at it again! This time around, she has another self-explanatory and so brilliantly simple public art project …

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