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DIY projects are a fun and very useful hobby to have because you get awesome inexpensive stuff out of it, especially if the project requires you to re-purpose a bunch of useless junk you have lying around. We are going to show you one that has caught are attention and is absolutely amazing. The DIY …

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Everybody experiences trouble with arranging furniture in their living or work place at some point in time. This happens more often to people whose living and work place is somewhat limited and enjoy having friends over. It is because of this reason that many talented designers are coming up with various ways to tackle this …

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You all know how horrible it feels to sit all day, and then finally get up. Not a good feeling at all, you’ll agree. All that sitting can be an awful strain on your back muscles and torso, and if you often work longer than regular hours, you might soon face the hard realization that …

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Jake Phipps captures the unique, the bizarre and definitely, the outlandish and this is exactly why you need one of his latest designs. Want a comfortable stool or even bench to impress your friends? Or perhaps something that you can call uniquely yours? Then Jake Phipps Shell Stool is what you should be after. Jake …

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