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Only recently, we have raved about the benefits of having Stanley’s One Hand Vacuum Coffee Mug, and now it’s time to rave about another of Stanley’s products that is also a must have – Classic Flask. This is one of those indispensable products that come in very handy when you need to ward off the …

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If you have to have your daily caffeine dose in the shape of a hot, delicious cup or cups of coffee at regular intervals and if, for the argument sake, you are not in the position to make one, this product will definitely come in handy. It is the Stanley Classic One Hand Vacuum Mug. What? …

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Stanley Mountain Food System


If you ever got stuck in the middle of nowhere with just a pack of biscuits, a can of cold beans and half a bottle of fresh water, you know just how important survival gear can be on off-road adventures and outdoor explorations. In times of dire need, food is the most precious asset you …

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