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New Balance 247 Classic


After 247 Sport and Luxe, New Balance releases the new 247 Classic model. These sports sneakers will keep you on the move whether you’re hitting the gym or using them for everyday activities. Just like other New Balance sneakers, this model is lightweight and very flexible. This is achieved thanks to the light synthetic and …

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New Balance 247 Sport


One of the leaders in high-quality sports footwear, New Balance, recently released the new 247 shoe collection. It was created for those on the go, living a modern live constantly, every day of the week. Also in the collection was the 247 Luxe, built from full grain leather. Now, they presented a new addition- 247 Sport. …

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If your work requires you to move around a lot or if you have to work on your feet, then a good pair of shoes will probably make a lot of difference for you. The ML501 High Roller Pack Fashion Sneakers from New Balance can provide you with exactly what you want if that’s the …

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Foot odor is something that’s hard to avoid whether you’re training or just simply walking for extended periods of time. There are a lot of products which are designed to combat foot odor but none of them are like the SilverAir Sock. Why is that? Well, the silver in the name is not here just …

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