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Sound of Power | World Leader’s Bust Speakers


For all you passionate Vladimir Putin and/or Kim Jong-Un admirers, here is a new collectible you must have. How would you feel if you had the chance to listen to music coming from your favorite leader’s head? Because that’s exactly what you can do if you get Sound of Power Speakers. Here’s what we’re talking …

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Samsung Wireless Radiant360 Speakers

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In order to bring a higher quality sound to its consumers, Samsung has decided to release a new line of 360-degree wireless speakers to enrich their already decent Wireless Audio 360 Speaker line. The already existing R7 and R6 models are getting new family members; the R5, R3 and R1 which will fulfill the needs of …

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As we are experiencing more and more of our household appliances turning smart, it is only natural that our light bulbs follow suite and don’t get left behind in this ever-growing trend. There are quite a few smart bulbs which work in unison with their companion apps, but there aren’t many as versatile as the ones …

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Having a cool portable speaker is a great thing when you are in the great outdoors and want to improve your fun with some sweet tunes, but all that hassle with cables and pairing can sometimes be very exhausting. Unless you consider looking into what the Oaxis Bento induction speaker is capable of. This awesome, …

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If you have ever searched for speakers which are capable of performing well both indoors and outdoors then your search can end because the Om Sound System is here. You might be asking what does this sound system have to offer that other sound systems can’t. Well, quite a lot frankly. Completely wireless, solar powered, weather …

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Looking for an affordable subwoofer and speaker system on the growing global market of audio equipment is quite literally a needle-in-the-haystack endeavor. But if you try really, really hard and browse through dozens of producer websites, cross-compare relevant specs, read through a bunch of consumer reviews and then go check out the real-life goods in …

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