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Lamborghini X Ixoost | Esavox Sound System


If you’re as much of a Lamborghini lover as we are, then you are going to be amazed by this sound system. Essentially a collaboration between Lamborghini and Ixoost, the Esavox Sound System brings you timeless Lamborghini design with super sound. Constructed with a stock Automobili Lamborghini exhaust and follows the same graceful, yet, powerful …

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Beolit 15 Bluetooth Speaker | By Bang & Olufsen


When it comes to sound quality, Bang & Olufsen have made a name for themselves that stands right up there with Bose and the like. Introducing their latest, the Beolit 15 Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Featuring True360 sound with some mighty impressive speakers allows you to fill the room with a completely immersive auditory experience. Of …

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Grovemade Walnut Speakers


Grovemade is a company from Portland that specializes in creating really cool wooden items for our computers, phones, and desks. Together with an industrial designer Joey Roth, they came up with unique Walnut Speakers. Audio design has never been so elegant as with these wooden speakers. With back-loaded horn design and 2 x 25W amplifier at …

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Sony Glass Sound Speaker


Sony has developed a very elegant wireless speaker that creates an atmosphere with its soft light and powerful sound. With 360-degree sound stage, Sony Glass Sound Speaker fills an entire room with sound, so no matter where you’re located, it will seem like the music plays right in front of you. The advanced vertical drive …

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SoundSoul | Dancing Water Speakers


We’ve all met those people that have an awesome desk; they have some kind of interesting trinket, or accessory, that just seems to add a lot of personality to the room. So, when it comes to interesting and functional desktop accessories, we simply had to feature these Dancing Water Speakers by SoundSoul. Unique while retaining …

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Parrot Zik 3.0 | Stereo Bluetooth Headphones


Everybody knows that when it comes to listening to beats, you either need a really good sound system or some top notch headset to be able to appreciate all the intricacies that music has to offer. Now when it comes to excellent sound, the name Parrot pops up regularly and it should come as no …

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Devialet Silver Phantom | The Audiophile’s Dream


When it comes to sound, and pumping out awesome beats, we all know names like Bose, Magneplanar and Dahlquist. Of course, they do carry weight since they have been in business since the 70’s but a new company called Devialet, could possibly surpass them in sound quality. Their line of speakers, entitled “Phantom” has shocked …

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2 Room Smart Speaker System | By Sonos


Smart devices are taking over every possible market, and it’s the same story with smart speakers. The Sonos 2 Room Starter Set is a smart speaker system that allows you to enjoy the same music in two different rooms around the house so you don’t have to miss out on anything when you have to …

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Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless Speaker


Zeppelin Wireless Speaker is an improved version of the original Zeppelin. This one is designed to bring the ultimate acoustics and functionality, while at the same time maintaining the iconic shape. For a single component device, the Zeppelin Wireless is incredibly powerful. Bespoke audio technology and advanced processing captures more details in the audio signal and …

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GOgroove BassPULSE Speakers


Whether you’re a gamer and want to have all the best gaming devices, like to watch movies like you’re in a theater or play your favorite song out loud, you need good speakers. GOgroove BassPULSE Speakers provide powerful and clear audio. This 2.1 channel speaker system has a side-firing 10-watt subwoofer and each speaker has …

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