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Amoje Food Capital in Lotte Shopping Mall by Karim Rashid

L’enfant terrible of the design world, Karim Rashid has designed yet another whimsical-looking food court / landmark / socializing area in his engaged technicolour style. Rashid and his team of architects (Juliette Hyunju Lee, Alex Loyer Hughes, Kamala Hutauruk, Mike Gibson, and Mana Mohammadkhani) were commissioned to design the interior of the Amoje Food Capital …

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Jeongok Museum in South Korea – Prehistory Museum by X-TU Architects

Parisian firm X-TU Architects designed the Jeongok Prehistory Museum in South Korea,  a futuristic building that hardly seems to be a prehistoric museum. The design is a result of a competition that asked the participants to portray the prehistoric context of Jeongok, which is one of the most important archaeological sites in this part of …

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