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Lamborghini X Ixoost | Esavox Sound System


If you’re as much of a Lamborghini lover as we are, then you are going to be amazed by this sound system. Essentially a collaboration between Lamborghini and Ixoost, the Esavox Sound System brings you timeless Lamborghini design with super sound. Constructed with a stock Automobili Lamborghini exhaust and follows the same graceful, yet, powerful …

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ROLI Seabord Rise | Bringing Digital Flexibility To The Piano


The future of keyboards is here and in its democratized form! The Roli Seaboard Rise Keyboard is a keywave playing surface with tremendous potential. It’s similar to the company’s previous release, the Seaboard Grand, but it has fewer keys, more controls and a lower price. It’s a 25-note USB keyboard controller and synthesizer with a …

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If you have ever searched for speakers which are capable of performing well both indoors and outdoors then your search can end because the Om Sound System is here. You might be asking what does this sound system have to offer that other sound systems can’t. Well, quite a lot frankly. Completely wireless, solar powered, weather …

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