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Top 5 Benefits of Solar Power in Houston

Did you know that Texas is in the top five states for solar energy throughout the entire country? Texas may have gained notoriety for its oil production, but the Lone Star State is well on its way to making the switch to renewable energy. If you live there, then you might be wondering if it’s time to …

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World’s Largest Floating Solar Power Plant In China

China is taking solar power seriously. They constructed a huge power plant near the city of Huainan and it’s floating on water. The area is very rich in coal and was earlier used for mining but was flooded due to constant rain. However, it now has a new purpose – to supply solar energy to the homes …

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Tesla Solar Panels

Tesla is changing the face of sustainable energy and they don’t seem to stop. A while ago we wrote about one of their biggest innovations- the solar roof and now we’re introducing you to the newest technology from them – Tesla Solar Panels. These panels are an update to Tesla’s energy segment of the business and …

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Tesla’s Largest Solar Farm Opens In Kauai, Hawaii

Elon Musk, the founder and owner of Tesla, Space X, and Solar City, is largely regarded to be a visionary. Starting with his creation of PayPal, Musk has been looking for ways to change the world into something better. Thanks to Tesla, Musk has opened up the largest solar farm in the world on Kauai, …

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Tesla Solar Roof Tiles


Just recently, Elon Musk unveiled a new project- Tesla Solar Roof Tiles. Sure, we’ve already seen a few similar projects throughout the years, but these roof tiles are actually very functional besides being stylish. The main purpose though is to drastically reduce your electricity bills. It’s commonly known that the energy coming from the sun in just …

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Portable Solar Road Shower


We have one more cool thing that will make your road trips more enjoyable. Portable Solar Road Shower will give you access to either hot or cold water in just a few seconds. It’s very useful whether you want to take a shower, wash the dishes, clean your gear or have additional drinking water. This road …

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BioLite Solar Panel 5+


BioLite SolarPanel 5+ is designed to maximize the charge of your devices and give you power when you’re outdoors. With it, you’ll get the most out of the sun using an environmentally friendly philosophy. It’s a great option for camping and hiking trips. BioLite brought us many cool things. We already featured some of them, like …

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Casas Em Movimento Solar Homes

Casas Em Movimento is a project from a Portuguese firm and it means Moving Houses. The idea behind this project is to turn a house into an architectural sunflower that rotates in order to maximize the amount of solar energy it receives. This technology was developed at the University of Porto, Faculty of Architecture. These houses have two axes …

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Solight Solarpuff | Solar-Powered Lantern


Ìnspired by the principles of origami and wanting to help the people in need, Alice Min Soo Chun created a lightweight lantern. The main material this lantern uses is recyclable PET, which is durable in all sort of weather conditions. It’s environmentally-friendly and weighs only 2.3 ounces. The Solight Solarpuff is water resistant and doesn’t need extra …

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One Earth Designs is a company that is dedicated to revolutionize the way we use household appliances. Their goal is to implement use of clean solar energy in homes around the world. Their first step towards achieving this is the Solsource Solar Cooker, an outdoor grill that works solely on the energy from the Sun’s rays. …

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