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WooHoo 2.0 | Giant Inflatable Lounger


There has a been a major rise in the inflatable lounger department. Of course, as many of you can remember, this started out with the LamZac inflatable lounger. Since then though, other companies have taken the idea and improved upon it. Such as the company that designed the WooHoo 2.0 Inflatable Lounger. The new WooHoo …

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SENQIAO Inflatable Sofa


When it comes to getting decent seating, inflatable loungers really do take the cake. They are easy to use, super comfortable and adaptable to any situation that you find yourself in –  be it chilling at the beach, your back yard or even to get some easy seating for guests. The latest, the SENQIAO Inflatable …

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WindPouch | Inflatable Polyurethan-coated Sofa/Lounger/Hammock


Earlier we wrote about the top 5 inflatable sofa loungers on the market, however, the WindPouch was not released yet and we believe that it requires a spot of its own. So, if you were looking for the perfect way to chill that offers both comfort and ease-of-use, the WindPouch Inflatable Hammock is just for …

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Wasing | Inflatable Lounger With Added Pockets

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If you haven’t found your perfect inflatable seating solution in our Top 5 Inflatable Sofas article then this is exactly what you are looking for. Perfect for those days spent on the beach, at picnics, festivals or even just to chill out in your yard, the Wasing Inflatable Lounger is the answer that you have …

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The Laybag | The Inflatable Sofa Lounger

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Most of you probably remember when we wrote about the Lamzac Hangout, but with summer almost in full season and orders to the brim, we bring you another great seating solution – The Laybag. So, if you were wondering how to seat yourself and all of your friends at the beach, festivals or even at …

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KAISR Original Inflatable Sofa Lounger

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KAISR is the ultimate inflatable air lounge currently funded on Indiegogo. It’s a great way to hang out on the beach and not have to carry bulky beach chairs or air mattresses. Besides it being extremely lightweight, KAISR is very easy to set up. KAISR is made from top quality parachute fabric and there’s a cool pocket on …

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Maintaining a good posture is vital for your backs and neck when you’re standing, walking, lying down or sitting – but most of us tend to forget that bit of doctor’s orders during long hours at the office, transport or telly time. And if you have way too many worries on your mind as it …

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Throwing a party for a bunch of friends can be a mighty difficult task unless you own a 3+ room flat. The same goes for sleepovers. And even if all you want in terms of social life is to invite your buddies over for a round or two after a tedious day’s work, you have …

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Wouldn’t you love to have a sofa called SupaDupa? The name alone attracts attention… The SupaDupa three-piece sofa is designed by Alexander Lotersztain, an Argentine born designer, a design graduate of Griffith University QCA and director of Derlot Pty Ltd studio. SupaDupa is another piece of modular multi-purpose furniture which can also be used as …

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