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Charasu | Activated Charcoal Apothecary

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Charasu is a Japanese word that stands for cleaning or refreshing oneself. It’s no wonder why a company that makes skin and hair products decided to go with that word. The first thing you should know about their offer is that everything is made from activated charcoal. For those of you who don’t know, this process includes white oak branches that …

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Herbivore Bath Salts & Skin Care Products

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Whether you’re seeking for a new gift idea or want to treat yourself with great bath products, Herbivore is a place to check out. They use all-natural and non-toxic ingredients and their products are not just safe for your skin but effective. Let us start with the Bath Salts. You can get two different types of these nourishing …

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Duke Cannon Grooming Products

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Duke Cannon is a company that creates cool and very popular grooming products for men. Their military-inspired cosmetics isn’t something you’ll find in regular stores. Duke Cannon Grooming Products have a variety of different purposes, for those who take care of your body, hair and the beard. We’re gonna mention a few we liked the most. Let’s …

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Honest Amish Beard & Body Soap


Here at jebiga, we respect and admire proper beard care. We often dedicate time searching and featuring the best beard care products, from those you can find on the market, all the way to those you can easily make at home. But one thing is certain, quality is always a top priority. So, no wonder …

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