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It is actually very simple; if you can walk in the snow, you can also snowshoe and make walking a whole lot easier and much more fun. For that, get yourself TSL Symbioz Snowshoes and you don’t need to worry. These technologically advanced shoes follow the foot’s natural movement to a ‘T’ and have an …

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MSR Lightning Ascent Snow Shoes


Do you enjoy spending time outdoors, in the open snow fields, where everything is white, and it just gets whiter and whiter? Do you lack the proper gear for such a task? If you do, feel free to check our new MSR Lightning Ascent Snow Shoes, built on request from their numerous customers, designed to …

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Fimbulvetr is a Norwegian company that specializes in winter footwear. Name of the company means the Great Winter in Old Norse and their Snowshoes are definitely something that will help you deal with deplorable winter conditions. These strange looking snowshoes are a product of high-end materials and advanced technologies. The body is made of thermoplastic …

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