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Oakley Mod Helmet | Oakley’s First Snowboarding Helmets


So, with winter coming up very quickly, Oakley aptly released their first snowboarding helmets. Introducing the Oakley Mod 5 and Mod 3 Snow Helmets. Perfect for hitting the slopes, and modular, these helmets are what every snowboarder asked for. The Oakley Mod Helmets have been in design and testing for 3 years. It took that …

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Forcite’s idea for the Alpine Smart Helmet for winter sports was born in 2012 when the company’s cofounders realized just how much additional gear people bring to the slopes. If you wanted to listen to some tunes, communicate with friends and capture footage of your awesome moves, you needed up to an extra kilo of …

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The Giro Edit snow helmet is the lightest full-featured snow helmet that the company has ever produced. Its amazingly clean design provides stylish design, but never neglecting the features. Speaking of features, the first one we want to mention is the integrated GoPro compatible camera mount which is easy to use and has a very …

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