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7 Smartphone Addiction Apps That Boost Productivity

In a tech-dominated world, it is very hard to stay away from the digital life we are all leading on the internet. Not only social media, but all the things we do when we pick up our phones. Sometimes it’s just scrolling through our accounts, sometimes mindlessly playing games, or even just unlocking the phone and …

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Minibar Delivery Free App

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Drinking has been a favorite pastime for millions of people around the globe. However, making a trip to the bottle store is becoming all the more difficult. We are inundated with choices, and we have no research to determine the taste, quality, and sophistication of the alcoholic beverage that we would like. Thanks to the …

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Culturebase | Re:Imagine Your World


We all know that traveling, or moving to a new city, can be an amazing experience. However, it can also be an exceptionally overwhelming experience. At times, we struggle to connect with like-minded individuals, or sometimes we even find difficulty in our quest to find a job. So, why not use technology to overcome this …

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Some of the world’s leading experts in hearing technology have designed a powerful sound amplifier which was not originally intended as a hearing aid. The Soundhawk is a device which will help you better understand speech, hear conversation over distance and cancel out distracting noise. Soundhawk is a nifty gadget which serves as an extremely powerful hearing amplifier …

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Any experienced fisherman will tell you that the key to getting your hands on a prize catch lies in identifying a large school of fish in the water without alerting the prey of your presence in the area. Now, that’s not an easy task at all – although their vision is somewhat blurred and distorted …

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