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Chimney House In Slovenia

Celebrating the wood stove, Dekleva Gregorič architects created the Chimney House in the Slovenian town of Logatec. It’s located near a 16th-century church and in contrast to its white concrete exterior, this house is fully made of wood. The Chimney House looks almost like a barn, with a respect for the local architecture. It has a roof that’s designed to …

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Bivak II Na Jezerih | Alpine Shelter In The Slovenian Mountains

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This bell-shaped shelter, as interesting as it is, is a replica of an alpine shelter that was originally constructed in 1936. Situated in Slovenia’s Triglav National Park, the shelter, named Bivak II Na Jezerih, is an interesting building, to say the least. Bivak II Na Jezerih closely resembles the original shelter that was designed by …

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