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Leave Your Socks At Home | Comfy Summer Shoes And Slip-ons

When considering buying new shoes, you must have a checklist. No matter if you’re getting winter or summer shoes, some key features are the same. You should always look for footwear made from high-quality materials, designed to provide you not only comfort, but flexibility, breathability, and style. Today’s list is all about summer. We wanted to …

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Soludos Slip-ons


Let us celebrate warmer weather and start preparing for the summer. What’s better than wearing a lightweight, sock-free shoes like the Soludos we’re about to introduce. These stylish shoes were inspired by the espadrilles, worn in the Pyrenees and along the Mediterranean. Originally, they were imagined as flexible and highly breathable footwear that is also affordable. The same philosophy is …

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Mahabis Classic Slippers With Detachable Sole


House slippers just became more comfortable than ever. We’re talking about the Mahabis Classic Slippers. First of all, the insole is cushioned making them extremely cozy and providing a perfect fit. Secondly, they have a really cool feature -if you’re using them outdoors, the TPU sole that makes them feel basically like sneakers. In case you …

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Nike has done it again! Not that we believe that the world-famous sportswear manufacturer is getting sluggish but we have come to expect a lot from Nike when it comes to running shoes. And the following model will not disappoint you. Nike Men’s Slip on Roshe Run Shoes are probably the lightest and breeziest running …

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