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BRNLY SlingPop


If you think back to your childhood years, we can guarantee that you were outside exploring the world around you. You also got up to various forms of mischief for entertainment. Of course, as a source of hours of endless fun and the occasional broken window, you always had a slingshot in your arsenal. However, …

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Montie Gear | Gloveshot Slingshot With Support


A slingshot is one of the weapons that doesn’t get the recognition that it deserves. It’s powerful, silent, can shoot a fair distance and you always have unlimited ammo laying around. In fact, the slingshot is such an effective weapon that the South African Special Forces, the “Recces” occasionally only used them with ball-bearings and …

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The Hammer Slingshot


The Hammer Slingshot is probably the most versatile slingshot you can get on the market. It’s designed in a way that allows you to master multiple shooting disciplines. The Hammer is at the same time a slingshot and a slingbow, so you can shoot both arrows and slingshot balls. In fact, to switch from one to the other, just …

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The Pocket Shot | Better Than A Slingshot


If you liked slingshots when you were a kid, you’ll definitely like The Pocket Shot. It’s basically an upgraded slingshot that will allow you to load and shoot different projectiles. The best thing about it is that you’ll be able to do it at two to three times the rate of a regular slingshot. The Pocket Shot …

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If you had an old-fashioned, home-made slingshot to mess around your neighborhood when you were a kid, than you were one of the few who experienced the magic of one of the best “toys” ever. By drawing from those feelings of nostalgia, a company called Hella Slingshots has decided to launch a series of these old-school slingshots and …

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Remember the good old times when your days were mostly just fun and play? Well, the limited BCX Slingshot run piece handcrafted and shaped by slingshot expert Nathan Masters helps bring back those childhood memories and improve your aiming skills. Design-wise, the Slingshot draws on the axe handles made by the Canadian brand Base Camp …

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Slingshots are no longer small hand-powered catapults which have been regular fixtures among boys from all countries, generations and cultures. Well, at least not the one that we are featuring here. This is a more grown-up version of a slingshot, made for survivalists, hunters or collectors of strange weaponry. It is called the Survival Slingshot …

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