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Slim Bifold Wallet


The Slim Bifold is a classic looking but a modern wallet that has a number of useful features. It’s available on Kickstarter so if you like what you see and are looking for a super practical yet stylish leather wallet, seek no further. Pre-order from Kickstarter here. Let us start with Slim Bifold features. Probably the most …

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6 Minimalistic Wallets For The Modern Man

Minimalist wallets are the best. They allow you to slim down the items you usually wear while being perfectly functional and compact. In this list, you’ll find both tactical and elegant wallets for all occasions. It’s time to ditch the one that takes too much space and explore this slim everyday carry. 1 – Dango Tactical Wallet …

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Tight Wallets | Handmade In The USA


Traveling light is the key so you should embrace everything that can help you pack less, even items you need close at hand. This is why Brooklyn-based designer Jack Sutter created Tight Wallets – to eliminate bulky pockets. This compact wallet is minimalistic and comes in several tones. Depending on the model, the wallet is made from a different …

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Dango Tactical Wallet With Over 14 Functions

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Multi tools are incredibly useful but they’re not always something we carry along all the time. This is why pocket sized items are super practical. Luckily, Dango Tactical Wallet doesn’t just do its job for carrying cash and cards but is equipped with more than 14 functions. This wallet will soon become your favorite tool. …

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Lemberg Leather Wallets And Cases


Lemberg Leather company produces high-quality handmade leather goods.  You can find a variety of cool items like slim wallets, phone and passport cases, even luggage tags and leather camera straps. Let us start with the wallet. This minimalistic slim wallet is super practical since it’s even smaller than your phone and can easily fit into …

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Ikepod Super Slim Men’s Leather Wallet


Gone are the days of bulky technology; everything is becoming smaller, sleeker and smarter, and why shouldn’t our wallets be the same? We also know that the highest quality wallets are made from genuine leather; they are durable and stylish. Needless to say, introducing the Ikepod Super Slim Leather Wallet. Featuring a minimalist design with …

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