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5 Grooming Essentials For 2017

Next five items will keep your appearance at its best. Each one of us uses a different routine and hygiene products but you’ll find something useful for sure. Check out our list below and get yourself covered with shaving, hair and skin essentials for 2017. 1 –  Abbeyhorn Badger Bristle Shaving Brush Abbeyhorn is a company with over …

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Dollar Shave Club Bathroom Favorites And Shave Set


Today, with Dollar Shave Club products, we’ll get pretty much all of your grooming needs covered. With their items, you’ll look and smell fantastic without spending a lot of money. We’re introducing two sets – Bathroom Favorites and a Shave Set. Let us start with the first one. Dollar Shave Club Bathroom Favorites contains four items …

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Charasu | Activated Charcoal Apothecary

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Charasu is a Japanese word that stands for cleaning or refreshing oneself. It’s no wonder why a company that makes skin and hair products decided to go with that word. The first thing you should know about their offer is that everything is made from activated charcoal. For those of you who don’t know, this process includes white oak branches that …

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Way Of WILL Essential Oil Based Body Care

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Way Of WILL is a company with a line of over 40 skin care products. Their offer spans from natural body washes and beard oils all the way to deodorants and face toners. All products are free of chemicals and perfect for your daily routine, especially those of you with an active lifestyle. Let us start with …

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Herbivore Bath Salts & Skin Care Products

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Whether you’re seeking for a new gift idea or want to treat yourself with great bath products, Herbivore is a place to check out. They use all-natural and non-toxic ingredients and their products are not just safe for your skin but effective. Let us start with the Bath Salts. You can get two different types of these nourishing …

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Byrd | California-Made Grooming Products

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Byrd is a company from California that creates all sort of grooming essentials for modern men. Its founder, surfer Chase “Big Bird” Wilson, got the idea thanks to his great grandfather’s hair tonic. He was also inspired by the classic ’60s surf culture and on-the-go lifestyle. In the collection, you’ll find different hair, body and face products. …

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We Found The 12 Best Chapsticks and Lip Balms for Men Out There


With winter coming, and us preparing for new snow adventures, many of us don’t think about the cold affecting our lips. We do care about the skin, hair and other parts of our bodies, but lips are too often forgotten, when, in fact, they are the only part that cannot protect itself. According to LipSmart, …

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We are all aware what men’s fashion trends are as changeable as ever in our day and age. As new ones pop up on every corner, so do old ones get often revitalized. Such is the case of growing a beard, a trend which has become more popular than ever. However, simply letting your beard …

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