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If you have used Shure headphones before, you surely are aware of the fact that you cannot expect anything but really good products from them. Unlike most of their assortment, Shure SRH145M is very cheap and yet it provides a great sound quality and reliability. These headphones feature 36mm drivers and neodymium magnets that deliver …

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Looking for highly functional ear-buds that offer outstanding sound quality and comfortable fit but you don’t want to overspend? Then you’d better check out the SE215, by Shure, a well-known producer of audio equipment. High bass quality, sound isolating design and replaceable cable are just some of the SE215’s cool features that will certainly make your …

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Shure is the renowned American company that’s been producing audio-electronics for almost a century, and their products’ quality is unquestionable. Shure’s newest product are the sound isolating headphones named the SE846. The first thing someone notices is probably the price. Namely, the price of $999 for in-ear headphones is surely not common and there are …

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