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Take The Party Outside With A Set Of Stanley Shot Glasses


It’s getting colder, but don’t let that stop you. Enjoy as much of the outdoors as you can and take the party outside. To help you with the outdoor drinking experience and refreshment of your gang, there’s a cool set of Stanley Shot Glasses. It’s perfect for traveling, camping, and hunting. We love Stanley for making extremely tough …

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Six Shooter Shot Glasses | By Bullets2Bandages


Bullets2Bandages is a company that was founded by 2 American war veterans and it specializes in creating products like necklaces and bottle openers with war motives. In that way, they want to say “thanks” to all their brothers in arms that are still fighting out there to protect all of us. Six Shooter Shot Glasses …

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Any liquor connoisseur will tell you that there’s much more to a shot than just a quick gulp of soothing spirits. And indeed, with Alexander Wang Shot Glass Kit, there most certainly is – with this stylish set of tiny glasses, any drink you squaff down will instill you with far more than a mere …

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It is really not our intention to glorify drinking or downing shots like tomorrow doesn’t exist, but the shot glasses that we are featuring today are so dandy, fun and sexy that we simply had to write about them. These stainless steel cubed shot glasss are designed by Steven Chavez and Justin English from a …

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