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SeaVees Shoes Bring Back The California Cool

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In order to bring back to life the iconic Golden State footwear brand, more precisely the 1960s California cool, two designers joined forces and revived SeaVees Shoes. The shoes they make are inspired by the vintage aesthetic but incorporate the modern touch in the design. Huckberry went behind the brand to explore the SeaVees lifestyle in …

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Reebok Alien Stomper Set To Release On April 26


A few months ago we witnessed Nike celebrate Back To The Future day with releasing self-lacing shoes. Now, we get the opportunity to see one more iconic movie shoe come to life. Reebok is bringing back the Alien Stomper sneakers we saw on Ellen Ripley’s feet way back in the 80s. That’s right, James Cameron’s Aliens premiered …

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Vasque Inhaler GTX | The Ultimate Hiking Shoes


With warm weather approaching, we look forward to getting out of the house. If you like hiking then the Vasque Inhaler GTX Shoes are the right choice. They are the ultimate hiking shoes, all thanks to their breathable and lightweight construction. The Gore-Tex upper is made from waterproof leather that adds to the comfort of these shoes. …

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Lems Shoes | Flat, Flexible and Featherlike Shoes

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Besides protective features and the looks, probably the most important thing we consider when buying shoes is the comfort. When Andrew Rademacher started making shoes in 2008 he knew almost nothing about them. Just that he wants to make shoes that fit the natural shape of feet, a “flat, flexible, and featherlike” shoe. Lems Shoes …

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Shimano SH-MW7 Winter Bike Shoes


Cycling and mountain biking are two very popular sports and besides the proper bicycle, shoes are very important part of the equipment as well. Especially if you like to ride a bicycle during winter or rainy conditions. These SH-MW7 Winter Bike Shoes by Shimano are waterproof and completely insulated with Gore-Tex for comfort and protection from …

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Adidas ZX Flux Adv Asym “Solid Grey”


Adidas keeps developing running shoes, and one of the most popular ones are definitely from the ZX Flux line. To refresh this line they launched a new Spring 2016 ZX Flux Adv Asym. These shoes look very modern and minimal. What you first notice is that this shoe doesn’t have the recognizable three straps, but is completely …

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Glerups | The Premium Wool Footwear

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If you’re tired of all the synthetic materials that are being used in the footwear industry today, we’ve got a real dash of fresh air for you. Glerups are the new leading trend that’s going to take over the market that’s thirsty for 100% natural products. These are made of 100% pure, natural wool, and the …

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The Italian footwear manufacturer Vibram is known for quality products and especially for innovations in sole technology which changed the way we view shoes. Initially made famous by its military footwear, Vibram’s production has since expanded into various forms of heavy duty, performance footgear designed for all kinds of outdoor activities. Their newest idea is …

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The FYF (free your feet) project on Kickstarter has a new revolutionary idea. They want to solve problems related to various extreme sport situations without sacrificing the feel of being barefoot . Instead of being forced to wear protective footwear in such situations, the guys at Swiss Barefoot offer you a simple solution – Socks. …

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