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Atlas Survival Shelter

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If you’re anything like us, you’d agree that the state of the world isn’t looking good. We have tensions all the way from the Middle East, and even tensions at home with the Trump presidency. So, why not prepare yourself in case of global catastrophe; you do want to keep your family and yourself safe, …

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Bivak II Na Jezerih | Alpine Shelter In The Slovenian Mountains

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This bell-shaped shelter, as interesting as it is, is a replica of an alpine shelter that was originally constructed in 1936. Situated in Slovenia’s Triglav National Park, the shelter, named Bivak II Na Jezerih, is an interesting building, to say the least. Bivak II Na Jezerih closely resembles the original shelter that was designed by …

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Julia & Bjorn House

Located on an Austrian hillside, Julia & Bjorn House maintains the traditional look of a wooden countryside house while adding a modern and minimalistic touch. This two-storey house is perfectly nestled between a lime tree and a walnut tree, in a peaceful Bregenz Forest area. The house is designed to be practical and to protect its occupants …

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Thoreau Cabin | By CC-Studio

The thing that first comes to mind to many of us when mentioning Thoreau is him writing Walden while living in the woods, surrounded by nature and leading a simple life. So no wonder why CC-Studio went for the name Thoreau Cabin for their rebuilt shelter project. Thoreau Cabin is located in Noorderpark in Utrecht, the Netherlands and it was meant to replace the old 60’s …

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Armadillo Tea Canopy | By Ron Arad

Imagine going through the woods and stumbling upon a magnificent shelter like the Armadillo Tea Canopy. It was designed by architect and designer Ron Arad to serve as an outdoor or indoor enclosure. It can be a great addition to a garden, large open space or simply a way to take camping to the next level. Armadillo …

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