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Gemmy 12 Ft Inflatable Deluxe Movie Screen


Summer is here and that means you should take advantage of the nice weather and spend more time outdoors. So, next time you have friends over, why don’t you head out to the backyard, set up a huge movie screen and make yourself an outdoor movie theater? If you like that idea, then check out Gemmy 12 Ft …

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AirBar | Turn Any Computer Screen Into A Touch Screen


Touch screen phones, tablets and all manner of other gadgets have taken over the world but computers have stayed pretty much the same. Sure, they have their purpose but let’s face it, they’re bland. But now, with the AirBar, all of that is about to change. The AirBar, simply put, is a device that clips …

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Using multiple displays with your desktop computer allows you to multitask much easier which makes this platform unbeatable in terms of visibility. However, most businessmen require portability from their computer, which is where a laptop dominates. If there was only a way to combine these two features, working on such a platform would allow for limitless …

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