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Tips For How You Can Make Your Life a Little Easier

Life as we know it can be difficult at times. With all the responsibility, the stress and rushing to get everything done can be very draining. This can stem from many things aside from work. However, just because it may seem overwhelming, there are ways for you to make them more manageable. Here are a …

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Classroom as Discourse Community

Often times, teachers are told that if they want to be more thoughtful educators and actually change the conversation, then they need to hold discussion-based classrooms. However, it can be difficult to get students on board with this idea – after all, who wants to sit down and talk? Here’s how you can transform your …

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Advice for Students: 5 Steps Toward Better Research

Learning how to research is part of being a college student. Most college programs will include some type of research curriculum, depending on your area of expertise. As your research skills improve, your knowledge expands proportionally. To develop better research skills and help yourself improve in school, you need to respect some important rules. Here …

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