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Icarus Rooftop Sleeping Compartment

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Outdoor adventures and road trips are now safer and much more comfortable. For those of you who own or plan to get a Land Rover, here’s a practical addition- a rooftop sleeping compartment. This extension is made for Defender 110 aka Icarus and can fit two people. Let us start with its most important features. Firstly, …

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Mini Countryman Rooftop Tent


Those of you who were thinking of embarking on a road trip but want to do it in style, we share something new that will be of use – the Mini Countryman Rooftop Tent. Just like the name says, this is a roof tent for your Mini Countryman that will allow you to sleep five feet above …

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Tepui | Vehicle Rooftop Tents


Even though camping can be an amazing experience, we all know that it is never fun to set up and break down your tent afterwards. Another issue with tents comes lies in the fact that it rarely has padding and you end up sleeping on the floor. Luckily for us, a fairly new idea has been …

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Feather-Lite | Rooftop Car Tent | By Front Runner


We all know that camping is awesome. However, setting up a tent, no so much. Thanks to Front Runner that is no longer an issue with their Feather-Lite Rooftop Car Tent. Essentially, the Feather-Lite is a two-man tent that is extremely easy to use. It is a definite must have camping accessory. It is extremely …

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