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The Vanual | A Web Manual On How To Live The VanLife

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The VanLife is something that many of us dream of but few of us ever achieve. There just seems to be something exhilarating about leaving everything behind and going on a road trip without any worries or troubles. However, the VanLife does require some work and diligence and The Vanual is a guide to help …

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VW California Camper Van


For those who love long road trips, camper vans have always been a good option.  It provides much-needed comfort and safety throughout all those long journeys, so picking the right “house on wheels” can be a tough task. The California Camper Van by Volkswagen comes in 2 options. The “Beach” model that has a 102 …

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Don’t let anyone tell you that you require a ton of money in order to get yourself a decent camper with which you can have a blast on a road trip. A testament to this is the Dinky Dub Camper, an affordable option when it comes to campers. Even though it is advertised as affordable, …

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