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Balnarring Retreat | By Branch Studio Architects

The interesting thing about designing an interior is that it can be anything you can think of. In case of the Balnarring Retreat, the idea was that each wall and the entire space all together can be turned into a variety of functions in no time, from a private residence all the way to a knitting studio …

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Returning Hut | In Xiamen, China

Built in the wilderness, surrounded by mountains and forests, the purpose of the Returning Hut is to reconnect the residents with nature. The goal with the simple design is that guests don’t pay attention to what’s inside, but outside. This two-storey property is built in southeast China and uses natural materials for the construction. Since the owner, Mr. …

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The Woodman’s Treehouse


The Woodman’s Treehouse is a perfect retreat that blends the natural environment with the luxurious experience. It’s available from this summer for all the guest interested in staying. Because it’s beautifully crafted, no wonder guests often describe this magical setting as ‘Utopia’. This treehouse sits 30ft high amongst the branches of three oak trees. Because of …

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Getaway Tiny Cabins For Rent

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For those of you that sometimes wish to escape big cities, pack up a few things and spend time in nature, this is exactly what Getaway is all about. They organize perfect retreats in private tiny houses in the woods. What a way to refresh your daily routine! Getaway Tiny Cabins are located near Boston …

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Mororo House | By Studio MK27

We recently wrote about a magnificent rainforest house located in Brazil. Now we have another one worth a mention, also constructed by Studio MK27 in a mountainous region of Brazil, 180 km from São Paulo. Despite Brazil’s hot temperatures, this part of the country is actually a bit chillier, never exceeding 20 degrees Celsius. This is why …

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Casa Na Mata | The Rainforest House By Studio MK27

The Brazilian rainforest may sound too exotic to some, but for Studio MK27 it’s an ideal location to build a magnificent structure- Casa Na Mata. This rainforest house is another great example of a perfect getaway, a house that blends in with the surrounding land. Casa Na Mata is located west of the Paulista shore in …

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