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La Fabrica | A Former Cement Factory Transformed Into A Home

Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill decided to transform an old 19th-century cement factory into a stunning home. La Fabrica dates back to the industrialization period of Catalonia and the reconstruction period lasted for more than a year and a half. There was plenty of work to be done since the silos were full of cement and dust and the …

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La Muna House | Renovated Rustic Home In Red Mountain, Aspen

A few decades ago, there wasn’t a lot of homes occupying Red Mountain in Aspen, Colorado. In fact, one of the first homes built there was La Muna House. Now, this 30-year-old house is renovated while respecting its natural surrounding. The house is located in an ultra-exclusive enclave. In order to redesign it, the architects found inspiration in …

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Peter’s House | A Copenhagen Home Inspired By Old Warehouses

Studio David Thulstrup designed Peter’s House as a private home project for photographer Peter Krasilnikoff. The house is located in Copenhagen and was inspired by old warehouses and factories. Not to forget the green zones and urban rooftop gardens that influenced the design as well. Originally, on the site, there used to be a garage. …

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WORX Pegasus Folding Work Table | Convertible Table


Among the selection of power tools that a man should own, there is another product from WORX that is a must have. That accessory is a decent working table so that you can complete your projects in ease. That table is the WORX Pegasus Folding Work Table. Convertible and easy to use with quick clamps, the …

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