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Reebok Zoku Runner Ultraknit


There’s a new collection of Reebok Classics that honors shoes made in the last few decades. The idea was to utilize new technologies in creating footwear that will give respect but also prove continuous evolution. The new shoe we’re talking about is Reebok Zoku Runner Ultraknit. Zoku is a Japanese word that translates to being “part of …

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Reebok Alien Stomper Set To Release On April 26


A few months ago we witnessed Nike celebrate Back To The Future day with releasing self-lacing shoes. Now, we get the opportunity to see one more iconic movie shoe come to life. Reebok is bringing back the Alien Stomper sneakers we saw on Ellen Ripley’s feet way back in the 80s. That’s right, James Cameron’s Aliens premiered …

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Does it seem like every day is the same? We wake up, eat, go to work, go home, eat, sleep and repeat; we become so complacent with our everyday routine that we slowly feel the fire deep inside us wither away and we forget to live. However, there is always a little spark that remains, …

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