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Fish Cat 4 | LCS Float Tube


Let’s face it, fishing is awesome, but boats are expensive. However, boats give you a variety of benefits. For instance, greater casting distance, comfort, and you have the ability to catch the big ones in the middle of the lake. Thankfully for us prospecting fishermen, there is a smaller, cheaper alternative. Introducing the Fish Cat …

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Hammocraft | Hammock + Raft


We just love when we get a chance to see a smart design. If you ever wanted to hang out in a hammock while being above the water, then you’ll for sure love Hammocraft. The name basically means Hammock+ Raft, which is also the smartest way to describe it. Just imagine the summer chill of opening …

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Trust the Finnish to go one step further from a regular sauna and invent a floating one! A group of friends from the Finish town of Joensuu has built a sauna raft (or Saunalutta in Finnish), decked out for complete and utter enjoyment. There are hammocks, multi-level decks, a changing area, a storage room, a launchpad …

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