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High House | An Elevated Landscape House In Quebec

Delordinaire architects created a private residence in Quebec that is elevated from the ground and stands on its structure. Even though this type of construction is usually seen in buildings located near the water in order to prevent flooding, High House creates a protected ground floor area and provides brilliant views of the snowy environment. …

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Fahouse | By Jean Verville

We are thrilled to show you another beautiful house nestled in a forest, looking almost like it’s coming from a fairytale. Fahouse is designed by Jean Verville and is located in Quebec, Canada. With its double triangular prism, Fahouse is nothing like a traditional house. From one side it looks like two separate houses and from the other …

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Boisgris | Handmade Wooden Furniture

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There used to be a time when wood was harvested and worked by hand. It was used for making all sort of structures, from homes and barns to even tools. Now, to honor the tradition of woodcraft, Boisgris is creating some of the finest pieces of furniture out of the wood that once was. By …

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Hotel de Glace, or the Ice Hotel is a construction that is built every year. It is made of 15,000 tons of snow and 500 tons of ice and its freezing four feet thick walls that keep the temperature inside the hotel between -23⁰F and -28⁰F. Even though it does not sound like the most …

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