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7 Smartphone Addiction Apps That Boost Productivity

In a tech-dominated world, it is very hard to stay away from the digital life we are all leading on the internet. Not only social media, but all the things we do when we pick up our phones. Sometimes it’s just scrolling through our accounts, sometimes mindlessly playing games, or even just unlocking the phone and …

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Regular exercise and a healthy diet are key to a good and healthy lifestyle, but sometimes things that are hard to pay attention to can affect our overall health in a negative way. For instance the quality of air in your home or workspace. In order to obtain the necessary information about air quality in places you …

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Even the sternest and focused of minds sometimes have trouble staying sharp and fall victim to procrastination. When the level of your productivity diminishes, it’s time to increase your focus by employing methods which will solve your problem. One such method is the Pomodoro technique, a simple and easy way of dealing with time management …

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