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How many times did you think about how lovely it would be to work from home, but not get distracted by usual daily activities of your family members? Well, now you have that possibility with Archipod’s new project – a garden office called The Pod. The Pod is a portable office, which perfectly fits in …

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BOXED Multi-Functional Furniture in a Suitcase | Tyrone Stoddart

BOXED is a furniture collection by Scottish designer Tyrone Stoddart that allows you to be mobile and keep the basic furniture you need for work. It consists of two chairs, a height adjustable table and a lamp, and all of those elements, when folded, fit into a briefcase-like box. The general idea is to use …

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blob VB3 Mobile Living Pod by dmvA Architects

Rejected by local business rules, the blob VB3 became a portable office, instead of an addition to the Xfactoragencies department, as it was initially planned to be. This interesting structure is designed by the Belgian constructional firm dmvA. The making of this project lasted 18 months. It resembles a giant white egg, and it’s made …

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