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1Byone 3-Port USB Car Charger With Smart IC Chip


1Byone 3-Port USB Car Charger will make sure all your portable devices are charged quickly and efficiently. It’s made from top-grade aluminum alloy, has safety protection features and a very compact design. This car charger has a maximum output of DC 5V 7.2A. It’s compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Android Smartphone, GPS, Pads and …

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January’s Top Picks From Huckberry

In this list, we decided to put together some of the January’s top picks found on Huckberry. You’ll see the coolest, most stylish and functional products for all sorts of purposes, from clothing and furniture items to useful gear and gadgets. This list can come in handy whether you need traveling accessories or an inspiration …

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Screwpop Tools, a company which makes practical and “clippable” tools, has released a new and very useful accessory which will make all the trouble with charging and recharging your favorite smart devices hassle free. ClipCHARGE +|- is very simple in design; it features a battery cell, a clippable cable wrap and a 38 inch long …

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Keeping your devices fully topped up on your outdoor explorations is sometimes more essential than keeping your belly full – because a bottle of fresh water and a sandwich may not get you out of a desert island, but a working cell phone, laptop or tablet might just do the trick. But how to pick …

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Whoa, here is something really new! Poseidon Bulletproof Charger brings so many innovations to the battery charger market that the project is already going through the roof on Kickstarter. It is a portable mobile battery charger fit for a rugged lifestyle, since it is basically indestructible. Poseidon is powerful by all means – it is …

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Buckle up, lovers of mobile tech! A new portable energy supply solution called Kraftwerk Power Plant by eZelleron Inc. engineering team has arrived and it’s looking pretty tough, durable and superior all around. Built to keep your portable devices safely topped up at all times, Kraftwerk provides an efficient and reliable energy source to go …

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With the modern-day smartphone-obsessed world, it can be a real bummer to have your battery drain out when you have no wall outlet within an arm’s reach or when you somehow managed to forget to bring along a sturdy external charger on your outdoor adventure. Unless you’re eager to remain stuck – and phoneless too …

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Having extra juice on your outdoor quests has become a necessity – but with the shifty weather and limited storage capacities, finding a compact and element-proof battery pack is not as simple as it may look at first glance. That’s where the Bolt rugged and water resistant portable battery comes in – with this rugged design …

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Bluesmart Carry-On Bag


We often spend more time preparing for a trip than we actually need to – and we usually forget some vital bits and pieces, like a spare battery pack, extra pair of socks or gadget chargers. Needless to say, even if you successfully managed to pack just about everything you might need on the go, …

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