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3 Must-Have Equipment For Swimming Pool Maintenance

Do you have a swimming pool at home but don’t know how to keep it clean and safe? You shouldn’t allow the water in your pool to become murky because this may cause potential health dangers. Contaminants like debris, dirt, algae and the molds building up in your pool need to be wiped out to …

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Modpools | Shipping Container Pools

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There are not many innovative things about swimming pools, except maybe differences in shapes and sizes. Modpools, on the other hand, are a clever solution for your backyard since they come in shipping containers. Yeah, you’ve heard it, a pool that can be moved. What this pool does is it uses the structural rigidity of the …

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Beer Hot Tub | Stakenberg Brewery

What better way to get relaxed than to drink beer and hang out in a hot tub? Now imagine how would it feel if the hot tub was filled with beer. Pretty crazy. Stakenberg Brewery from Austria decided to use one of its fermenting vats and turn it into a small pool for beer lovers. There …

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In order to save space in your man cave so that all of your buddies can come and enjoy the man-designated space in your home, you should check out combo-furniture which will help you with this task. One such item is the Fusion Pool and Dining Table which combines a pool table, something which every …

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