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iOgrapher iPhone 6+ Filmmaking Case


In this modern world, almost everyone has an opportunity to capture something important or entertaining that can go “viral”. The Internet is filled with various images and interesting videos that were taken with iPhone or other smartphones. This new iPhone 6+ Filmmaking Case by iOgrapher will allow you to easily capture steadier and better videos. …

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Nikon D500 DSLR Camera


On January 5th, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nikon revealed its new secret weapon when it comes to DSLR cameras-Nikon D500 DSLR. With the  EXPEED 5 processor, a 20.9MP sensor and the new 4k video recording feature, this camera might just be the worthy and long-awaited replacement for the legendary D300. Nikon …

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What They Didn’t Teach You In Photo School


It doesn’t take much effort to become an amateur photographer. Of course, you need to love to do it and basically any camera can serve you. The tricky part is transitioning to pro and developing your own business. This is where this book comes in handy. What They Didn’t Teach You In Photo School focuses on …

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Telesin GoPro Underwater Dome Port


Telesin GoPro Underwater Dome Port is a great option for capturing photos under and over the water. It’s especially good for making 50/50 photos. To make these very unique photographs you place the half of it underwater and half out of the water, with the water line right in the middle. The Dome Port is completely …

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Arctica: The Vanishing North | By Sebastian Copeland


The issues of global warming and other environmental problems we have caused on this beautiful planet we live on have inspired many artists to speak up and point out our mistakes. Sebastian Copeland’s book Arctica: The Vanishing North is one of many works that are here to warn us about the consequences of our actions and to …

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Vietnam, Mosaic Of Contrasts | Vietnam Through Réhahns Eyes


What’s the first thing you think of when you hear ‘Vietnam’? Most people would think just one thing: war. Well, there’s a lot more to this Asian country we’re not familiar with. Frustrated with the fact that people only know of this dark moment in Vietnam history, French photographer Réhahn went on a journey to …

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Lumu Power | Light Meter For Your iPhone

from $199|

After launching Lumu in 2013, Slovenian-based Lumu Labs is back on Kickstarter this month, trying to raise money to show their newest invention to the world. Lumu Power is the next generation of light meters and it has so much more to offer. Check out the innovations it features. Your iPhone can become your best friend …

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The Nikon Fisheye Nikkor Lens


One of the rarest lenses ever made, the Nikon Fisheye-Nikkor F5.6 6.2-mm SAP is going to be sold in an auction this month. Total, 360-degree vision has always intrigued mankind. Obviously our field of view can only go up to approximately 120 degrees, but we managed to expand that a little bit, through photography. People …

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55 Most Perfectly Timed Photos You Probably Have Never Seen

There are those photos sometimes that make you say “Wow” when you see them – whether it’s because they show a person doing something incredible, or because at first you didn’t even realize what was happening in it. Today, we’re bringing you 55 photos that were timed perfectly – they’re going to make you laugh, get …

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The DJI Osmo is a multifunctional camera stabilizer made by DJI, the guys that are behind the Phantom drone and the Ronin (a professional camera stabilizer used extensively in the movie industry). They are advertising it as the “ultimate selfie stick” but it can be used for so much more. The Osmo comes in the …

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