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Overview | A New Perspective Of Earth


In 2013, a man with the name of Benjamin Grant started an Instagram account called the Daily Overview. Essentially, the Daily Overview has given us a unique and, frankly, breathtaking aerial photos of planet Earth; it has also seen a massive rise in popularity. Now, Grant has taken it further and brought us Overview: A New …

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National Geographic: The United States of America


We all know how rich of an archive National Geographic has, but now we’re able to see a fraction of it. In The United States of America, they give us a great tour though the states with 700 images taken in the last century. First, we got to see Around the World in 125 Years and it was …

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Above The World | Earth Through A Drone’s Eye


Leonardo da Vinci was once quoted as saying, “For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.”. In many ways this is what Above the World: Earth Through A Drone’s Eye tries to capture. Created by …

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Humans of New York: Stories


You might know about Humans of New York from social media. The project first started in 2010 when a photographer Brandon Stanton had this amazing idea. He used his camera to take photos of people he stumbled upon in New York. Realizing he got some interesting stories from people, he soon started a blog and wrote it all down. Humans of New …

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Arctica: The Vanishing North | By Sebastian Copeland


The issues of global warming and other environmental problems we have caused on this beautiful planet we live on have inspired many artists to speak up and point out our mistakes. Sebastian Copeland’s book Arctica: The Vanishing North is one of many works that are here to warn us about the consequences of our actions and to …

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