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Japanese Iron Oven | By Snow Peak


Japanese Nanbu cast ironware has a reputation for more than 900 years. Now, this traditional craftsmanship is used for making a Japanese Iron Oven. With ultra-thin, 2.25 mm walls it can be used for endless cooking options and it’s definitely built to last. What’s special about this Japanese Iron Oven is that it’s a three-piece, standard sized cast iron cook set …

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Retro Breakfast Station | By Nostalgia


What better than to start your morning productively and prepare a delicious breakfast. If you’re in a hurry and want to make food for more than one person, Nostalgia has an appliance that will do that instead of you. We’re talking about the 3-in-1 Breakfast Station, a multi-functioning kitchen must have for families. This station has a cool 50s …

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Balmuda Toaster | Uses Steam To Provide A Freshly Baked Taste


With the Balmuda Toaster, you can prepare fresh toast that will taste just like it came from a bakery. It uses steam to trap moisture inside the toast while keeping the crust perfectly cooked. You can also use it for croissants, baguettes, rolls, you name it. The design isn’t really typical. Instead of vertical toasters we usually …

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Uuni 2S Pizza Oven | Portable Oven With A Stone Baking Board


With the Uuni 2S Oven, you can prepare wood-fired pizza in just a few minutes. The short cooking time is perfect for preparing all types of pizza but also bread, fish and veggies. This new centerpiece in your backyard is a great reason to gather friends and family to enjoy delicious food. The oven weighs only 24 lbs, making …

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Relic Portable Brick Oven


We all know that making pizza in a brick oven gives it the best taste. Other ovens, cookers and grills just can’t reach that kind of temperature. Also, if you want to build a brick oven it’s costly, takes lots of space and once you build it, you can’t move it anywhere. Relic Portable Brick Oven is designed …

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The Fourneau Portable Bread Oven


What’s a better way to start a meal than with a slice of freshly baked bread? It’ll fill your house with a wonderful smell and get the appetite going. The Fourneau Bread Oven makes it easy to prepare it in your home. With The Fourneau, anyone can make a delicious loaf of bread. To use it, follow …

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