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Backcountry Fast And Light Backpacking Gear

Last week we dedicated one of our articles to Backcountry Summer Activewear. Today, we decided to go with a theme that is not only popular but in these hot months exactly what we need. We are talking about light gear for outdoor activities like backpacking, hiking, climbing, and camping. Check out the list below. 1 …

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Down Puffy Outdoor Blanket | By Rumpl


When you’re travelling it’s best to keep your items compact and light. One item that falls in the list is the Down Puffy Outdoor Blanket created by Rumpl. This travel companion is very easy to pack and takes little space. Down Puffy Outdoor Blanket is made from 20D Ripstop nylon with DWR. It’s filled with duck …

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Viking Knife | By Helle


If you’re interested in history or just want a rustic knife, the Helle Viking Knife is an item inspired by belt knives Vikings used to carry. The knife was made to support the fundraiser for the all around Viking long ship voyage. It’s supposed to be a recreation of the traditional Viking knife. The blade …

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Hyperlite Packrafter’s Kit For Backpackers And Hikers


Hyperlite Packrafter’s Kit is designed to include some of the best gear available for backpackers and hikers. This kit is suitable for both overnight packrafting and crossing long distances. Everything you find in the kit is made from 100% waterproof Dyneema Composite Fabrics, a highly water resistant material. Hyperlite Packrafter’s Kit contains 4400 White Porter Pack, UltaMid …

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Compact Take-Down Nomad Survival Bow | By Xpectre


Hunting is one of the oldest skills developed by man and it’s so primal and basic that it just can’t get old. One of the basic weapons used for hunting are a bow and arrow so if you want to try out this activity or you’re a hunter who wants to expand the weapon collection, …

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Freescape Camp Saw | By Gerber


Camping equipment is getting more and more advanced and while the focus is primarily on tents, sleeping bags and other accessories, you mustn’t forget a good saw for cutting firewood to keep warm. The Gerber 31-002820 Freescape Camp Saw is a very compact, safe and highly efficient saw that features an innovative design. It features …

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Genesis Base Camp Stove | By Jetboil


When you want to go camping, there’s a lot to think about and when you’re all packed up your equipment just seems so bulky that you’d rather just stay at home. That’s why it’s important to find the perfect equipment that’s both reliable and compact just like the Jetboil Genesis Base Camp Stove. This two-burner …

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Wilderness Survival Card | By ReadyMan


If you love camping in the woods or you’re a bit of an adventurer, make sure you pack light but have everything you need. An item you could certainly make use of is the Wilderness Survival Card, brought to you by ReadyMan. The card was developed by US Special Operations Forces, based on their real-time …

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