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Oru Beach | An Entry Level Folding Kayak | By Oru Kayak


When the original Oru Kayak was first introduced, the idea got a huge support on Kickstarter. Just like it usually happens, with time and customer feedback new additions are incorporated into the initial design. The company launched Oru Beach Kayak, an upgraded version that folds just like the original kayak. For those unfamiliar with it, …

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from $1.650|

Three years ago, Oru Kayak has made their dream of crowd-funding their foldable kayak, the Oru Kayak, a reality and after that spawned another version called the Oru Bay+. Oru Kayak is back with another type of these amazing origami kayaks, but this time they offer a 16 foot kayak which was inspired by traditional …

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Lovers of kayaking and canoeing, rejoice! A new portable vessel by the San Francisco team behind the famous Oru Kayak has arrived, and it’s looking convenient and cool all around. Drawing on the original Oru Kayak design which won major Kickstarter support back in 2012, Oru Bay+ packs a handful of neat hardware upgrades for …

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