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Orca Heavy Duty Cooler


The thing we learned about Orca Coolers when we featured them in the past is how durable they are. Toughness is kind of a synonym for their products so if you want something virtually indestructible you must check out the Orca Heavy Duty Cooler. Orca Heavy Duty Cooler has a roto-molded construction so it can handle pretty …

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ORCA Pod Cooler


Here’s one more thing to keep your drinks safe and cool. The Orca Pod Cooler is an incredibly convenient way to bring along your booze when you’re about to spend some time outdoors. The Orca Pod Cooler allows you to carry up to 59.5 pounds. It’s made from BPA-free, anti-microbial Denier double TPU that has the ultimate …

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The Cooler Molle Wrap | By Orca Gear


Besides the rest of their equipment, Orca Gear produces around 15 different Molle products. One of them is the Molle Wrap, a cooler cover made with molle webbing. It’s available for 26, 40 and 58-quart Orca coolers, but you can also get ones made for pouches, first aid kits, pistol holders, flashlight and external chargers. The Molle …

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