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LG W7 OLED | Super-Thin Wallpaper TV

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In the beginning, TV’s were colorless, had small screens and were bulky. Even a few years ago, with the release of larger screens to try to capture a “cinema” experience, 40” TV’s weighed as much as 80 pounds. This posed a variety of problems, including transportation and, frankly, it was an eyesore. Well, thanks to …

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If you cannot imagine your life without a weekly dose of jogging around a park, then perhaps, in the near future, you will not be able to imagine jogging without Sony SmartEyeglass Attach. The latest creation by Sony, it was presented during the CES 2015, the greatest tech show on earth. Unlike its lengthy name, …

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Have you ever wondered why smartphone displays, high resolution TV sets, smart monitors and other hi-tech screens render images and videos in more engaging contrast, softer tones and better illumination? The reason for the premium quality of image reproduction on most state-of-the-art screens lies in just four letters: OLED (that’s organic light emitting diodes for …

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