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5 Office Gear Everyone Needs

Whether you’re working from home or not, making an office space more efficient is the key to increased productivity. There are many items you can add to your office but today, we want to focus on the essentials. Check out the list below and find those 5 office pieces that everyone needs. 1 – Blacksmith Desk When …

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Minima Moralia Pop-up Studios

Renting work spaces and studios for artists can get very pricey when you live in bigger and more popular cities. Minima Moralia believes that creativity should have nothing to with social status so they constructed tiny, Pop-up Studios that can be used by designers, musicians, or any other type of artists. Minima Moralia Pop-up Studios …

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Paper Mills Studios | Shared Workspace And Photo Studio

Sam, a photographer and director, and Sarah, a stylist and art director, decided to create their dream work place that will have everything necessary for their jobs. In a search for the perfect place, the two of them decided to transform an old paper mill in London to a beautifully designed multi-use workspace- Paper Mills …

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2015 Christmas Gift Guide | Home And Office

In this Christmas Gift Guide, we give you innovative and unique ideas for home and office. You’ll find cool gadgets, furniture pieces and devices that will make things easier. They are also nice additions to any living or working area. 1 – LapPad Mobile Workstation LapPad is a mobile workstation for laptops, smartphones and tablets. …

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Open Concept Green Office Building In France | By NL*A Paris

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Imagine instead of spending your work hours in boring boxed spaces, your office looks more like a zen garden. You would want to spend more hours there and look forward to heading to work every day. Nicolas Laisné Associés (NL*A Paris) revealed plans for new Offices With Terraces. This awesome idea will feature natural light and plenty of …

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Sleeping on the job might be a tad bit easier with Office Chair Bed. It looks just like a regular office chair. But, you can fold this seemingly ordinary chair so that is lays flat, and have decent place to sleep in if you are spending all night at the job. The manufacturer even added …

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Are you one of those people whose work demands that you sit behind a desk for eight straight hours while that work desk is being overcrowded with documents, papers, pens, cups of coffee and whatnot? Along with that, your head is being overcrowded with a constant feeling of chasing the deadlines but all you can …

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In our busy work-dictated schedules, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get your body that minimum stretch-and-workout time. That’s one of the reasons why WorkFit Sit-Stand Workstation will certainly be a much-loved addition to your business or home office environment. The WorkFit-A will boost your productivity and keep your wellness high as it allows you to …

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Electrolux Design Lab’s Flatshare Fridge by Stefan Buchberger

If you have roommates with eating habits or hygiene standards very different to yours, or if you are fed up with them leaving moldy leftovers in the fridge, or if you cannot agree with your flatmates whose turn it is to clean the fridge out, spare a thought for the Flatshare Fridge, a concept developed …

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