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Oakley Mod Helmet | Oakley’s First Snowboarding Helmets


So, with winter coming up very quickly, Oakley aptly released their first snowboarding helmets. Introducing the Oakley Mod 5 and Mod 3 Snow Helmets. Perfect for hitting the slopes, and modular, these helmets are what every snowboarder asked for. The Oakley Mod Helmets have been in design and testing for 3 years. It took that …

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Oakley Radar Pace | Virtual Coach Guided Sports Glasses


We all know that Oakley is one of the leading brands of glasses. Well, this time, they teamed up with Intel for one of the most ingenious sports glasses we have ever come across. Introducing the Oakley Radar Pace. By combing Oakley’s innovative lens technologies with Intel’s expertise in technological advancement, the Radar Pace was …

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Great news for lovers of winter sports! For the next ski/snowboarding season, the renown eyewear manufacturer Oakley has created a brand new frameless goggle set called Flight Deck which combines top of the crop features and premium construction materials to deliver an unparalleled slope-shredding experience on any given terrain. When working on their new goggle …

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There’s no denying it – the retro look is back in fashion, and it seems it’s going to stay around for a while, whether you like it or not. So if you can’t beat ‘em, you’d better join ‘em, right? Well, there’s an original way to stay trendy even if you don’t want to completely …

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After their last year’s success with their first version of Airwave Goggle, Oakley decided to improve the successful product by introducing the Oakley Airwave Goggle 1.5 and provide the extreme sport fans with the experience that was unimaginable just a short while ago. The features that are the same for both versions include an integrated …

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